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ExpressionEngine 3.4.3

ExpressionEngine is a flexible, feature-rich content management platform that empowers hundreds of thousands of individuals and organizations around the world to easily manage their web site.

Each license can be used to power one live site. Please see the License Agreement for details. If you have licensing questions please contact team@ellislab.com.

A purchase of ExpressionEngine 3 gives you access to the latest stable release of version 2, in case your project is not quite ready for the latest version.


Upgrade from ExpressionEngine 2

Upgrades start at $149.


CartThrob 3.0.2 by Vector Media Group

Flexible e-commerce for ExpressionEngine*. A truly integrated solution, your orders and products are native Channel entries. Bring your own design for a seamless experience for your site visitors, leveraging ExpressionEngine's powerful and flexible templating system. Sell products, software, donations, articles, tangible and intangible products. Accept credit cards in real time, securely and with confidence.

* CartThrob is a third-party e-commerce add-on for ExpressionEngine, with its own license agreement. You must have a valid ExpressionEngine license to use this software. For more info, visit the CartThrob website or contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

EllisLab Support

Our best in class product support packages. Support plans cover all EllisLab commercial software.

Silver Support

  • Covers the needs of most
  • 1 urgent ticket per month
  • Unlimited support tickets
  • Unlimited sites covered

Guaranteed first response 1 business day


Gold Support

  • Designed for small shops
  • 2 urgent tickets per month
  • Unlimited support tickets
  • Unlimited sites covered

Guaranteed first response 4 business hours


Platinum Support

  • A plan for power users
  • ∞ better than urgent tickets
  • Unlimited support tickets
  • Unlimited sites covered

Guaranteed first response 1 business hour



Urgent Ticket Requires a Support Subscription

Additional urgent tickets to add to your current support package.

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ExpressionEngine Core

ExpressionEngine Core is a free, feature-limited edition of our award winning content management platform.

Core may only be used to power personal and hobby sites that do not engage in commercial activity† and must include a "powered by ExpressionEngine" credit on the website. Non-profit organizations are not eligible. If you are a developer doing pro-bono work for a non-profit org, contact us, we'd be happy to work something out. Please see the License Agreement for details. If you have licensing questions please contact team@ellislab.com.

By downloading ExpressionEngine Core, you may receive occasional emails from EllisLab which you can unsubscribe from at any time. We hate spam and will always treat your information with privacy and respect.

Modules and Features included ExpressionEngine Core (free) ExpressionEngine ($299)
Number of Users 3, no self-registration unlimited
Multiple Site Manager ✔ (includes 1 site)
Discussion Forums
Caching File Only File, Memcache, Redis
Channel ✔ (limit 3)
Channel Forms
IP to Nation
Metaweblog API
Rich Text Editor
Simple Commerce
Template Routes
Third Party Add-ons*
Can be used for†
Client/Contract Work (regardless of nature of the site)
Personal Sites
Commercial Sites
Support Available
Free Community Support
EllisLab Support
Free 3 month EllisLab Support trial for new customers
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* Please refer to the third-party documentation for any add-on to determine licensing and system requirements.

† EllisLab, Inc. will be the sole arbiter as to what constitutes commercial activities. Please refer to the software license for details.